Poker Club 88 – The Site Review

Poker Club 88 is an internet-based poker game developed by Poker Club LLC, a company founded by Derek Hawkins and David Dorylas. The official website of the poker site is The poker games offered are the Poker Stars, Ultimate Bet and a semi-professional version of Poker Party. This article will explore the features and benefits of Poker Club 88.

This website offers unlimited internet poker for a lifetime and never charges any monthly fees. However, it does not matter if you are playing in a live game or online, the play is played for money and poker bonus only. In other words, there is no buy in to play the site and no casino style games such as slot machines.

Poker online at Poker Club 88 has become very popular over the past few years and now reaches to about five million users. Players can register with a bonus that will allow them to play the full game without having to worry about bankroll requirements. There is also a registration system that allows players to sign up with a friend that may have the same preferred poker game as yours. This system is called the “Folders” and allows players to download all their games without ever leaving the main site.

Poker Club 88 is a community designed site that offers a wide variety of poker games. These include the Super High Roller (SHR) which is a slow paced game where players will have to play for money with some points being gained for each buy in. The real money limit for this type of poker game is one hundred thousand dollars. There is also the free version of Poker Stars, where you play for as long as you like for a period of twelve weeks.

Poker Club 88 also has a semi-professional version of Poker Party. There are a number of variations in this type of poker game. You will find that all the tables are of the five-hole type with players looking to put their hands on the button and then come back to have a drink or get a bite to eat after playing their cards.

Finally, Poker Club 88 has its own home game called Golf which is also the lowest risk available at the site. No-limit hold’em, the original form of poker, is also available as well as version two of the online version of the Texas Hold’em.

Online poker sites have been around for a while now and Poker Club is no exception. As with many poker websites, Poker Club 88 also offers a forum where players can discuss their feelings and experiences on the site. This is one place where players can get advice and support from one another. The poker forums allow players to get feedback and opinions on their games from other players who may have similar experiences.

Poker Club 88 has a robust payment system that makes transactions fast and easy. For example, players can pay for their games via a credit card or an online banking account. It has a poker bonus and that bonus is claimed through a free cash deposit bonu